Is St.Tropez self tan mousse actually good!?

Answer Yes it's fine, just make sure u don't put loads on, the only problem with any fake tan, is it can have streak marks sometimes, ur sheets turn the same colour if it's not totally dry and ur hands tu... Read More »

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How does the self-cleaning function on hp deskjet printers actually work ?

The foam pads should be soaked in ink. Theyu pick up the excess ink when you have completed a print job, or when you have completed a cleaning.A print head cleaning works by heating the print head... Read More »

Would a gel, a mousse, or a good old-fashioned pomade be best for a three-year old tabby?

How is toothpaste actually good for?

I am going to buy a 32 inch HDTV for my bedroom to go with my blu ray player and i just wanted to know if Blu Ray will actually look good on this or does blu ray only look good on 40in plus?