Is Solaray Yeast-Cleanse safe?

Answer On One Hand: Generally Considered SafeAccording to Indianapolis-based naturopath, Pamela Reilly, Yeast-Cleanse is "very safe and effective" in combating and controlling yeast overgrowth "when used ... Read More »

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What is a yeast cleanse?

A yeast cleanse is a treatment in alternative medicine in which a person tries to eliminate the harmful yeast in the system by taking a collection of colon cleansers and anti-fungals such as oregan... Read More »

Is a digestive cleanse safe for all ages?

Hi Lexi May.If you eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (frozen counts as fresh) and don't have too much fried food, your body will automatically cleanse itself. A daily d... Read More »

Is it safe to do a Candida cleanse while breastfeeding?

On One Hand: Candida Cleansing Not SafeBreastfeeding mothers are passing essential vitamins and nutrients to their babies. So, a Candida cleanse while breastfeeding may cause the baby to not receiv... Read More »

Is the total body cleanse supplement safe?

On One Hand: Total Detox BenefitsTotal body cleanse supplements such as Total Cleanse are safe, effective products states Products such as Total Cleanse are FDA approved ... Read More »