Is Smart Board training the same as Promethean training?

Answer Smart Board and Promethean Board trainings are different. Smart Boards and Promethean Boards are made by separate companies and are different products with their own features and operating capabil... Read More »

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How do I hook up a Promethean smart board?

Install the Promethean driver software from the Promethean CD. It is important to do this before you connect the board.Connect the VGA cable. This should go from the wall to your computer. Then, co... Read More »

Is it smart to go to basic combat training in a relationship?

If you have to worry that much that your relationship will fall apart, that your significant other will go 'making the rounds' behind your back, etc., then, chances are that you're not in a very go... Read More »

How to Connect a Promethean 300 Board?

connecting your Promethean 300 is actually a very difficult thing to do and it can take over an hour to do unless you read these steps first.

Promethean Board Activities for Kindergarten?

Promethean boards are perfect for teaching children. The interactive board makes learning exciting for kindergartners, and teachers can have fun with it, too. While children enjoy the sounds and vi... Read More »