How to Look Like Slash from Guns n Roses?

Answer Ever wanted to be a rocker like Slash? Well we will explain how to be a rocker just like Slash of Guns 'N' Roses.

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Is Slash from Guns& Roses black?

Slash from "Guns N' Roses," whose real name is Saul Hudson, was born to a black mother and an English father. The family lived in England until Slash turned 11, when they moved to Los Angeles, Cali... Read More »

Why did Guns N' Roses break up?

ok before i start can i just say one thing: GNR was never a hair band. end of story. anyways. Axl was a part of the initial growing apart of the band, and as it got to the end, like early to mid 90... Read More »

Nirvana or Guns n Roses?

Metallica or Guns n' Roses?

This is a very opinionated question but Guns N' Roses are the better band in terms of popularity. Metallica has sold slightly more albums, but considering that Metallica's career lasted more than t... Read More »