Why is my shisha pen flashing?

Answer It's about to finish.. It only lasts 500 puffs

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How do you smoke shisha?

its almost like it, you need to inhale it, so suck on it and make it blow inside, then you have to make your face like one of those girls on facebook making a duck face, so make oyur mouth into a ... Read More »

Is shisha sold at gas station?

Very unlikely. I've actually had great success buying mine from the internet.

Can shisha cause cancer?

Yes especially if your using tobacco its actually worse then cigs as it pure tobacco avoid it if you can

Is shisha the same as smoking?

Shisha, although smoked with a water pipe, does just as much harm as, if not more than, regular smoking, according to the Mayo Clinic. Because shisha smoking sessions can last more than an hour, th... Read More »