Is Sherlock original?

Answer I'm presuming you mean the BBC's production 'Sherlock'. In which case, it depends what you mean by original; The detective himself was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1886 and has since then b... Read More »

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What colour is Sherlock Holmes' dressing-gown in Sherlock?

How did Sherlock survive the fall in Episode 3 of Sherlock?

The full BBC archives are private and only accessible by authorized users. However, many news articles are available on their news website (see link below). Although the archive itself is held priv... Read More »

Is Sherlock's brother married in BBC Sherlock?

Where can you buy a scarf like the one Sherlock has on the BBC show Sherlock?

It is actually a normal scarf, folded in half and he inserts the ends inside the middle fold. So you have just to buy any scarf and do that. I'm pretty sure you will find one in your hometown mall,... Read More »