Is Serratia catalase positive?

Answer Serratia marcescens, the gram negative motile bacteria, exhibits positive catalase activity. The catalase enzyme allows bacteria to turn potentially deadly hydrogen peroxide into water. Catalase al... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Serratia Marcescens in the Nasal Cavity?

A bacteria called Serratia Marcescens causes many illnesses and infections, including sinusitis. The sinuses are located within close proximity to the nasal membranes and are exposed during inhalat... Read More »

Can a premature baby make it that has serratia?

Yes, they can. My son contracted the same bacteria when he was in the neonatal unit. We did see the whole picture a little difficult, however, by the mercy of GOD, he made it out alive. He is now 3... Read More »

PH Levels of Catalase?

Catalase is an enzyme, a protein that catalyzes or accelerates chemical reactions. The human body uses catalase to break down hydrogen peroxide. While hydrogen peroxide is important for certain re... Read More »

PH of Catalase Vs. Pepsin?

Pepsin and catalase are enzymes--proteins that catalyze or speed up reactions. Like all proteins, their functions are determined by their structures, so if the pH is outside their optimal range the... Read More »