Is Sanyo LCD better than Vizio plasma?

Answer On One Hand: Less Weight, Less EnergyThe Sanyo LCD has some distinct advantages over the Vizio plasma, including a lighter weight and less energy consumption. In addition, the Sanyo LCD does not r... Read More »

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Which is better: a Vizio 42 plasma or an LCD?

On One Hand: A Budget OptionVIZIO's 42-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions are lighter weight and can be moved around a lot easier than their VIZIO plasma counterparts. They also use a lo... Read More »

Is Plasma better than LCD TV?

Yes plasma is better, LCD owners will tell you different because they don't want to admit they have made a poor choice. I own both, plasma is way better.As for 're-gelling' LMAO, try impregnating m... Read More »

Why is plasma better than LCD?

I find it amazing that people still perpetuate falsifications regarding plasma.They don't leak gas and require re-charging every few yearsThey are no more susceptible to screen burn that LCD'sPlasm... Read More »

Is Plasma Better Than LCD?

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