Is Sambuca supposed to make you feel like you're dieing, or have I been poisoned?

Answer Sambuca really isn't a drink to get drunk on.And if you do want to catch a buzz, drink the Cafe Sambuca. Shots only.Then get creative. Maybe a chaser of Beer, Rum & Coke. Not gin or

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I feel like dieing?

No, your ok dude. Just follow r.i.c.e. Rest. Ice. Compression(bandage) Elevate. you'll be fine.

Is Nicoderm supposed to make you feel sick?

Be aware of ...- No one can quit if not entirely convinced to do so.- There's no best nor easy way to quit. - Everyone is different in the way they stop smoking. - What worked for someone might not... Read More »

Do you feel guilty about supporting a genre that poisoned the music industry?

I hate rap music as well. All it talks about is drugs, money, cars and abusing women. There is also no talent involved in rap music, no instruments are played and all they do is talk fast, they can... Read More »

Are braces supposed to always make your teeth feel sore while they're on?

Welcome to the club, my friend. It'll go away but it'll come back every time they tighten them. Eat yogurt, soup, drink milkshakes. Anything to numb that soreness. The inside of your mouth may star... Read More »