Is Sainsbury in England affiliated with Safeway?

Answer Sainsbury's and Safeway have no affiliation, although many sometimes confuse the two. Sainsbury's, Britain's oldest retailer, was originally a tiny corner shop opened in 1869 by John James and Mary... Read More »

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Why is Australia still affiliated with England?

Listen mate , it's because we feel sorry for the poor Brits ..Really , when you think that they were once THE world dominating power now look at 'em...over run by the flotsam & jetsam of the world ... Read More »

Are the Marines affiliated with the Navy?

Yes - the U.S. Marine Corps is actually a service branch under the Department of the Navy, and have been since their creation. Though there is much rivalry between the two branches, both sailors an... Read More »

Is Blue Advantage affiliated with Medicare?

The Blue Advantage plan works in conjunction with Medicare coverage, but BlueCross BlueShield administers the plan at the state level. The plan is not a Medicare supplement, but an alternative cove... Read More »

Is Discover Card affiliated with Chase?

Discover Card is not affiliated with Chase. Visa and MasterCard are affiliated with Chase. Discover issues its credit cards through Discover Bank, which has been in business since 1911 but was know... Read More »