Is SLR worth the extra cost on a digital camera?

Answer In your case absolutely not. For that money you'd be much better off with a high end point and shoot such as a Canon G series. These cameras have near SLR functionality and their image quality is... Read More »

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Are micro cotton blankets worth the extra cost?

On One Hand: Quality AttributesMicro Cotton is 100 percent natural cotton spun from very fine yarn and produced from high-grade bulk cotton. The fabric is naturally very soft, and reportedly maint... Read More »

Are stainless steel appliances worth the extra cost?

On One Hand: Attractive and DurableA hot trend in kitchen appliance materials is stainless steel, which can offer a sleek, modern, and stylish design. The durable nature of stainless makes it easy ... Read More »

The cost of a digital camera is £240 plus VAT. The rate of VAT is 17.5%. What is the cost of the camera?

I do hope very much that this is a homework question (it sure sounds like one) and that you are about 8 years old.If you seriously can't figure this out, it would be a very good idea for the sake o... Read More »

Are montessori preschool actually worth the extra cost. I am a low incomed mommie but want the best 4 my son.?

Mom,The single best thing for his school is you. He can go to a relatively poor school, but if you spend good time reading to and with him every day, and you get involved in what he is learning an... Read More »