Is Ryan the dad of staceys baby?

Answer well its either Ryan or jack because she had it with them both and when she found out that it wasn't Archie and she told Bradley she looked at Ryan and jack so it could be either probably jack thou... Read More »

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Easties :What do you think about Staceys mum?

I think she's one of the best actresses on TV at the moment. Her character is very complicated but she plays her sooo well

What is staceys name out of gavin and Stacey?

Joanna Page is her actual name. But her Charecter in the series is Stacey West.

Since Hannah Montana and Jake Ryan are dating again is Jake Ryan going to be in every episode until they break up?

I read on some spoilers that Jake asks Miley to marry him, after she learns that she is pregnant. It is part of pregnancy prevention day. Nickelodeon is doing something similar, with Nick News, the... Read More »

What is the TV episode where any women who has a baby the baby ends up with deformities and shortly dies afterwards and the world is threatened with extinction until one couple has a successful baby?