Is Roundup used on corn?

Answer Roundup is an herbicide made by Monsanto that has been widely used on corn for many years. Roundup appeared on the market 30 years ago and is also used on other crops like soybean and cotton. The a... Read More »

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Who developed Roundup Ready Corn?

Roundup Ready Corn was developed by the Monsanto Corp. to enable farmers to better utilize post and pre-emergent herbicides in their fields. These corn seeds contain genes that give them tolerance... Read More »

Can Roundup be used in vegetable gardens?

Roundup is a nonselective herbicide that kills all vegetation. It is absorbed through the leaves of existing plants. It can be used in the vegetable garden before vegetables are planted. Wait one t... Read More »

Can Roundup be used on flower beds with bulbs?

Roundup can only be used in flower beds that have no foliage or stems present above-ground. The herbicide will not affect the bulbs under the soil unless it has been used during the growing season ... Read More »

What is corn oil used for?

Corn oil is used primarily for cooking; however, many other uses have been found. Corn oil can be used as a furniture polish, to remove stickers from surfaces or oil paint from hands, to season a c... Read More »