Is Rosenquist a Jewish name?

Answer The last name Rosenquist is not a Jewish name. The roots of the word are of Swedish origin. The name breaks down to "rosen," which means rose, and "quist," which translates to twig.Source:Ancestry:... Read More »

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Is uri ran a jewish name?

It is possible. Uri is definitely a Jewish name. Similar to Uriah and Uriel, Uri means "my light" or "my flame." As both a masculine or feminine name, Uri is relatively uncommon. However, Ran i... Read More »

Is zeppos a jewish name?

Zeppos is not a traditionally Jewish name. "Zeppos," and the similar name "Zeppo," are both of Australian origin. Another possible origin is Zeppo Marx, the stage name of Herbert Marx, one of the... Read More »

Is Steinel a Jewish name?

It's possible for the surname Steinel to be Jewish. It appears as a possible Jewish surname under the soundex code 268000 on, a journal of Jewish genealogy. The surname may have German... Read More »

Is nathan a jewish name?

While not all people named Nathan are Jewish, the name does have Jewish origins. In Hebrew, Nathan means "He gave." In the Bible, in the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, the prophet Nathan was an important... Read More »