Is Redbull a soda, or supplement?

Answer It is a soda...

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Can i mix green coffee bean supplement with a raspberry supplement?

if ist all natural, yes you can, and you should take it during the first half of the day, definitely not before going to sleep

Me and my friend are opening a soda bar. regular soda is great but what would be good soda mixtures?

personally i know frutopia and sprite is good but fresca and sprite works too

If I am unable to see a doctor I need to know what the pros and cons and differences of a regular vitamin supplement vs a prenatal vitamin supplement?

Answer Go to any pharmacist and they can assist you in this. Also you have the option of going to a Naturopathic doctor.

A lot of redbull. Am I okay?

Do you live with anyone? Tell someone so they can get you help if you start having chest pains. Don't ever drink more than one can of energy drinks. They can stop your heart.