Is Ramen noodles really bad for your health?

Answer There are really only two serious problems with Ramen: Massive amounts of sodium. If you're otherwise healthy, I think you'll make yourself sick before you do any real harm with this though. (Pe... Read More »

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Do you think ramen noodles beef flavored really have meat in them?

Does that mean you can't also have your friday night vibratory plastic meat....?Just sayin...this whole lent know?

Do you think Ramen Noodles can be compared with noodles you see at Chinese restaurants?

Ramen is Japanese noodles not Chinese noodles. Ramen is thicker and Chinese Min is thinner. Basic noodle making ingredients are probably similar but each culture has their own variations, for insta... Read More »

How do I make "fresh" home-made ramen noodles (NOT INSTANT NOODLES)?

There is the basic noodle recipie I use. This is also good as spegetti or any posta shape.1 Egg1/3 Cup of flower, I think, it been a while.Water as needed.This makes one serving. Mixing in a food p... Read More »

How do you cook your Ramen cup of noodles?

I am like you totally in cooking ramen noodles. I prefer to boil water in a small pot, add half the seasoning and then drop in the ramen to cook. This way, the hot boiling water is already seasoned... Read More »