Is R22 more efficient than R410a?

Answer On One Hand: R410a is the FutureCompanies are slowly trying to eliminate HCFC refrigerants like R22 and replace them with HFC types. R410a is one of the better HFC-type refrigerants. It has been de... Read More »

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Are gas furnaces more efficient than electric?

On One Hand: They Are More EfficientGas furnaces are more efficient than electrical furnaces. In fact, gas furnaces are the most efficient furnaces on the market. According to the American Council ... Read More »

Are halogen bulbs more efficient than incandescent?

On One Hand: Halogen Bulbs Are Actually IncandescentHalogen bulbs are incandescent bulbs, but they differ from regular incandescent bulbs because they contain a gas with traces of halogen that prot... Read More »

Are fireplace inserts more efficient than woodburning stoves?

On One Hand: Today's Fireplace Inserts are Highly EfficientHigh-efficiency fireplace inserts are nearly as effective as high-efficiency wood stoves. Both apply the same enclosed combustion technolo... Read More »

Are oil filled electric heaters more efficient than gas furnaces?

On One Hand: Oil Filled Heaters Only Heat Rooms You UseOil filled heaters use radiant heat to warm up a room. Radiant heat works by heating a person or object instead of the air. If you live in a b... Read More »