Is Quick Shine safe for a wood floor?

Answer On One Hand: Quick Shine Is SafeQuick Shine products are formulated for use on wood and are safe for hardwood floors. Consumers give Quick Shine a virtual "thumbs up" for safely cleaning wood floor... Read More »

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How do I shine a wood floor?

Use Vinegar and Vegetable OilCreate a mixture containing equal parts of vegetable oil and household vinegar. Place the mixture into a spray bottle, and secure the lid tightly. Shake the bottle to m... Read More »

How do I make wood laminate floor shine again?

Remove DirtSweep the laminate floor, removing all dirt from the surface. It may help to run a vacuum, without a beater, to remove any lose dirt.Spray CleanerSpray laminate floor cleaner to small ar... Read More »

How do I shine a linoleum floor?

Cleaning Linoleum FloorSweep the linoleum floor thoroughly with a broom. Ensure all dust and debris is clear. Fill a bucket with hot water. Mix the floor cleaner by the directions on the bottle, or... Read More »

How do I make a no-wax floor shine?

Cleaning the FloorClean the floor with a dustpan and ensure no dirt or dust remains on the floor surface. Use a vacuum cleaner for added cleaning. Make sure all corners and cracks are cleaned thoro... Read More »