Is Python 2.2 Spyware or Adware?

Answer On One Hand: Python 2.2 May Be Installed on Your ComputerA computer user may wonder what the program Python 2.2 actually is when finding it installed on a computer. This can happen during a scan of... Read More »

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Is adware the same as spyware?

Adware is a computer software application that displays advertising banners while the program is operating. This differs from spyware in that spyware provides information to a third party without t... Read More »

What is spyware&adware?

Various types of software applications are available for download online today. Many computer users may find they have, intentionally or accidentally, installed a piece of software that is not gene... Read More »

What is adware spyware?

Adware often gets confused with spyware--both are software programs usually unwanted by users. However, adware installs itself on computers specifically to show advertisements to users.Significance... Read More »

How do I delete spyware adware?

DownloadDownload an antispyware security program. CNET has a list of reputable security programs that can delete adware and spyware infections. These programs not only remove adware, but they will ... Read More »