Is President Obama a military veteran?

Answer No, Barack Obama spent those years in school. He graduated from Harvard, first in his class, as a lawyer.

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Why is President Obama putting an end to the 'don't ask don't tell' military policy?

Abolishing the policy was one of the President's campaign promises, based on the Democratic Party platform. This, in turn, was based on certain facts:1. The majority of career military officers fou... Read More »

Are you more of a AMERICAN Citizen than your President Obama due to your O plus bloodtype and that one of your Grandfathers Franklin Lyle Taylor and His father both served in the military?

Who was the first president to be a Navy veteran?

The 35th President, John F. Kennedy (1940-1943)Followed by:Lyndon B. Johnson (36th)Richard M. Nixon (37th)Gerald R. Ford (38th)James Carter (39th)George H. W. Bush (41st)

Does everyone that serves in the military become a veteran?

In the strict definition, yes; but for benefit status, not necessarily. Only those who are discharged under honorable, medical, or certain administrative discharges are considered veterans in the e... Read More »