Which president first introduced the partnership for peace initiative to Europe a. george herbert walker bush b. Jacques chirac c. William Jefferson Clinton d. george walker bush?

Answer TheFBI and the CIA just don't tend to communicate well with each other... I would say they do NOT.

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Do you like president bush?

Why are there such retarded people asking retarded questions in the Computer Area?

Hello Perry N (perryd123abc)You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines. As a result, your content has been deleted.Question: Is it okay to reward my children... Read More »

Who was air force one pilot for president bush?

During the administration of President George H. W. Bush (1989-1993), Col. Danny Barr was the Air Force One pilot. Col. Barr was also the presidential pilot during President Bill Clinton's first te... Read More »

Who is the only person dumber than president bush?