Why is one eye smaller than the other?

Answer No one's face is symmetrical. Your mother's explanation is silly. I remember doing an art project in school where we got magazine close-ups of people and cut them down the centre. Nowadays you cou... Read More »

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Is KB bigger or smaller than GB?

1 KB = 1024 bytes.1 MB = 1024 KB1 GB = 1024 MB.And for completeness, 1 byte = (usually) 8 bits.1 bit is a single 1 or 0.Short answer, yes, it will work.

Is 1/3 cup bigger or smaller than 1/2 cup?

It's smaller, it is one of three equal parts that make a cup while 1/2 a cup is one of two equal parts that make a cup. Best wishes

Is hydrogen smaller than oxygen?

Yes, hydrogen atoms are smaller than oxygen atoms. According to the City University of New York, atoms get larger with added particles. Hydrogen has an atomic number of one--making it the smallest ... Read More »

Is there a smaller PC than the laptop?

There is a smaller PC than the laptop, and it is called the fit-PC2. Not only is this the smallest PC in the world, it is also smaller than a soft drink can.References:"": Fit PC