Is Plexiglas UV-filtering?

Answer Yes, all Plexiglas filters block short invisible wavelengths of UV light. To provide protection against visible UV light, Plexiglas requires an additional layer of treatment, which is applied durin... Read More »

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Is all plexiglas UV-filtering?

All forms of plexiglas filter short wavelength UV rays, according to Plexiglas absorbs about 65 percent of total UV rays but does not filter out long wavelength UV which has a wave... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of DE filtering compared to sand filtering?

%REPLIES% Answer After six years in this home with a 15 year old pool cartridge filter, I junked it for a DE filter. I'm very very satisfied with the change. The DE filter cleans the pool quicker... Read More »

Is all plexiglass UV-filtering?

According to I Collect Movie Posters, not all Plexiglas comes with UV protection. When purchasing Plexiglas, make sure it is covered with a UV protector. This will help preserve your collections su... Read More »

What are the benefits of Internet filtering?

Internet filtering is present in many homes, places of work and public Internet situations and provides a variety of benefits to both the people using the connection and those who administer the co... Read More »