Is "Piggybacking" A Wireless Signal Illegal?

Answer it's not illegal, but it's not polite, either

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Is it illegal for someone to steal my wireless signal for internet.?

Using a neighbor's wireless access point may not be legal even with their permission. The answer varies depending on the policies of residential Internet service providers and plans among other fac... Read More »

Is it illegal to use another persons wireless connections on your laptop by stealing their signal?

It is'nt theft if it is free to take, many people set their unwanted furnituer at the curb hoping it will disappear. If your Neighbor's have'nt restricted thier signal then they MAY not be concerne... Read More »

Is it illegal to use a wireless router to recieve an internet signal in your area?

Since you are in the UK, I'll give you the UK links. YES WIFI THEFT IS ILLEGAL even if it has been left OPEN!……ht... Read More »

Can I get ethernet service from a wireless signal through a wireless router?

No. Your spare wireless router will only transmit the network connection, it won't receive a network signal and send it back out through the wired ports... you would need an access point device to ... Read More »