Is Peyronie's disease harmful to a woman's vagina?

Answer Peyronie's disease causes an abnormal curvature in an erect penis. The disorder may cause discomfort or even extreme pain during sexual intercourse, according to the Women's Therapy Center. But the... Read More »

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How much stuff can you fit into a womans vagina?

Um, at least one fist.But each one really is different in what it "can take".

Is it harmful to poke a pregnant womans belly button?

Tuna contains high levers of mercury that can cause birth defects.

Can putting an Ice Cube in your vagina be harmful?

I reccommend against it. People's hands go in and out of ice trays all the time. Hands can have bacteria such as fecal cauliforms or ecoli on them even after they've been washed. It's not a good id... Read More »

Is Fifth Disease harmful to pregnant moms?

Not unless there is significant scarring in the uterus. A low lying placenta is often found during the second trimester - as the uterus expands in the third trimester, the placenta will migrate hig... Read More »