Is Pete's Dragon movie available on Blue Ray?

Answer Kinect is only an add-on for the xbox 360 you need an xbox360 to use it and to awser your question no it cant beacause its only a motion sensor

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Where is the eye patch in Blue Dragon?

Blue Dragon is an adventure-style video game for Xbox 360. The "eye patch" is an item your character will receive if you go to Lal Mountain Sheep Camp when your character is first in the dessert. Y... Read More »

How to Get Through the Undersea Caverns in "Blue Dragon"?

"Blue Dragon" was one of the first Japanese RPGs to make an appearance on the Xbox 360. Like most JRPGs, the game makes use of turn-based combat, exploration and wild-haired characters. The charact... Read More »

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There are three main campaigns in "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom" for the Nintendo GameCube. Each campaign gives you control of one of three characters -- Joey, Kaiba and Yugi -- from the "Yu-Gi... Read More »