Does Peter Falk have a glass eye?

Answer Actor Peter Falk suffered from a malignant tumor at the age of 3. As a result, doctors had to remove his right eye and replace it with a glass eye. Falk is best known as the lead character in the T... Read More »

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Did Peter Falk have a glass eye?

The actor Peter Falk, perhaps best known for his portrayal of television detective Lt. Columbo, has a glass eye. Falk lost his right eye in an accident that occurred when he was 3 years old.Referen... Read More »

Is Peter Sallis alive?

Yes, he's still alive and at present hes 87 years old and still going strong. He has grown somewhat frail over the last several years, and thus his role on Last of the Summer Wine has been lessened... Read More »

In the TV series 'Peter Gunn' which actress played the role of Peter's girlfriend?

Lola Albright Played 'Edie' According to "Biography," it was the actress Lola Albright who "enjoyed her greatest fame in the late-'50s and early-'60s television series Peter Gunn, playing Edie, the... Read More »

Collision Peter and Mohinder are on the subway when time suddenly stops and Future Hiro emerges Who had Peter and Mohinder just attempted to meet with?

Isaac Mendez.Peter was trying to convince Mohinder that abilities did exist and took him to Isaac , the man he believed could paint the future.