Is PermaStone used in stepping stones?

Answer There are several kinds of "permastone." Activa Permastone is a casting compound advertised for use in creating stepping stones. NAFCO by Tarkett's PermaStone is an indoor flooring tile. Permastone... Read More »

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How to Make Mud Stepping Stones?

Stepping stones are a practical and creative addition to any yard or garden. Not only are they decorative and pretty to look at, but they also give home owners, family and guests a place to step so... Read More »

How do I dig out sod to install stepping stones?

Place Your StonesPlace your stones where you want them. Consider the arrangement from all angles to make sure you are happy with how it looks. If you are creating a path, the stones should be close... Read More »

Types of Stepping Stones?

The idea for utilizing stepping stones throughout the yard is an inspiration taken from nature as a means to traverse difficult landscapes. While our means of travel have advanced enough that we no... Read More »

How do I lay pavers as stepping stones?

PlanningPlan the area you want to cover with paver stones. Lay your pattern by outlining the area with spray paint. Measure the width and length of the paved area. Multiply these numbers to calcula... Read More »