Is Pepsi nex available in america?

Answer well, yes.........and no

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Is frog meat available in any restaurant in America?

Yes, for one, you can get fried frog legs at the Back Bay Seafood Restaurant in Gulfport, MS.… . they're pretty good.

What is the hardest wood available for flooring in North America?

probably Brazilian Walnut, may not be the absolute hardest but for practical purposes it is. You could go with some of the Iron woods but you will go through cutting blades like crazy.

Are Nina Ricci cosmetics available at the markets in America, Canada, & Europe?

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Sites that show scholarships available to american citizens studying in india but going to college in america?

Maybe one of these??http://www.SimpIeTuition.comhttp://www.SchoIarshipExperts.comNobody else was answering, so I took a shot in the dark.