Is Pepsi a good stock to invest in?

Answer On One Hand: Financial TitanPepsiCo is a Fortune 500 company with a long history as a stock market titan. Two of the main components to include when choosing a good stock are: a company's market st... Read More »

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Where can I invest in Pepsi stock?

The stock for PepsiCo (parent company of Pepsi) is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol PEP. You can buy stock in Pepsi from any licensed stockbroker or online broke... Read More »

Why is NASA a good stock to invest in?

NASA is a US federal agency and as such offers no stock options, however, the contracting companies that NASA uses such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and others offer public stock options.

How to Invest in GE Stock?

GE is no longer the light bulb company started by Thomas Edison in 1890. Today it operates as a virtual mutual fund of leading products and services, including appliances, aviation, consumer produc... Read More »

How do i invest in stock?

Investing in stocks is a way for you to gain ownership of a percentage of a company's earnings and assets. Stocks are bought and sold on exchanges, such as the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange, ... Read More »