Is Pentax still the most quality camera or others caught up or better?

Answer I have a similar connection to the old workhorse K-1000, but even in its day the A1 series was widely recognized as a superior camera. In fact my AE-1 is still operational, my K1000 did not survive... Read More »

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Will Pentax K-x lens fit a Pentax K-r camera?

Yes. Both the K-x (2009) and K-r (2010) cameras use the Pentax KAF2 mount.

Is the pentax k-x a good camera?

Yes!Both Pentax Kx cameras (film and digital versions) are great. You will not go wrong with either of them. The film version went into production from 1975 to 1977. It was classified as an advance... Read More »

Help! With a Pentax A3000 Camera?

Here's the best thing to do. Buy film from a film lab, a place where they do developing. You will be going there anyway when you've finished using up the film. Bring the camera when you buy film. L... Read More »

I have Pentax K1000 SLR camera, and I dont know how to use it in a best possible way.?

The Owner's Manual for the camera should explain everything. Another excellent resource is "How To Choose & Use Pentax SLR Cameras" by Carl Shipman. Its an expanded version of the Owner's Manual wi... Read More »