Who would you rather hang out with for 1 day, Paris Hilton or Nicky Hilton?

Answer I would rather play with myself!

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Is it just me or is paris hilton the best looking women in the world ever!!!?

sorry to disagree, but no, i think she looks like a horse

Who do you think is prettyer Nicky Hilton or Paris Hilton?

Your Opinion on Paris Hilton?

hey she made me laugh at something more than once whether it was suppose to be funny or not haha..probably some of the awkward moments cameras caught...anyway she's alright..people that don't have ... Read More »

PARIS HILTON: Are The People On Yahoo Answers Jealous Because Her Bathroom Is Larger Than Your Houses?

Because she's a symbol of the double standard in the world today. If you're rich, and a celebrity (for some reason) then you can thumb your nose at the rest of the world and do as you please. She... Read More »