Is Panasonic lcd tv are good?

Answer I don't know about how good their regular LCD are, but I certainly love the picture on their plasmas.

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Are the Panasonic GTs a good way to go?

The GT is the second best tv that Panasonic makes. They are also the only Plasma tv that Home Theater Magazine recommends. Go to Panasonic website and it has all the tv they make along with pricing... Read More »

Are panasonic TVs a good brand?

Well...with a question like this, you're going to get a butt load of biased opinions!!! Most of which are wrong!Panasonic is currently the top manufacturer in terms of reliability and overall perfo... Read More »

Is panasonic a good plasma television?

To bad Plasma is out the door....LCD is out selling them 8-1 and Pioneer and Panasonic have dropped plans to make plasma's under 40". Panasonic and Pioneer are only going to keep their Elite series... Read More »

Panasonic Plasma Televisions, Good buy?

There are wayyyy to many urban myths going around about plasma sets.First of all, the life is NOT three years. Plasma TVs are given a lifetime rating(to half brightness) of 60,000 hours. I find tha... Read More »