Is Palin for or against women's rights?

Answer On One Hand: She's Pro Some IssuesSarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, is one of the most influential politicians in the U.S. and a mother of ... Read More »

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Employee Rights Against Verbal Abuse?

Verbal abuse can contribute to a hostile work environment and be punishable by law. Employers are responsible for their own speech and appropriate reprimand of hostile comments by their managers. ... Read More »

What are the rights against baby food?

Babies are produced when a woman and a man (be it girlfriend-boyfriend or husband-wife) go through sexual intercourse. The sperm from the man goes through the woman's cervix and uterus to fertilize... Read More »

Rights of home owners against an association?

Owners may differ in opinions with the board that leads the association. Or, you may have a rogue board that conducts business in ways that are not defined by your governing documents. Owners are ... Read More »

What are your rights as a home owner against a HOA?

It depends on the issue at hand. Your rights as an owner are clearly spelled out in your governing documents.You may be in violation of the guidelines and governing rules. Or, your association's bo... Read More »