Is PC2100 memory compatible with PC2700 memory?

Answer All memory is designed to work with previous models. You can put faster memory into a computer that was built for slower memory, but you will be limited to the speed at which the slowest component ... Read More »

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Is pc3200 memory compatible with pc2100 memory?

Yes. All types of DDR (double data rate) memory is compatible with other DDR. However, if you already have PC3200(400mHz) and you are adding PC2100 (266mHz) you will see a slowdown in performance f... Read More »

Can I mix pc2100& pc2700 DDR memory RAM?

Yes, you can mix pc2100 and pc2700 DDR memory on the same computer because they are both from the same generation of DDR memory. However, the computer will default all memory to the lowest speed of... Read More »

Can PC2700 memory replace PC2100?

PC2700 DDR memory is backward-compatible with PC2100 DDR RAM. The memory will still run at PC2100 speed, however. DDR RAM can be replaced with a module of any speed, so long as it is the same type.... Read More »

Which is faster: PC2700 or PC2100 memory?

PC2700 (DDR333) is faster than PC2100 (DDR266) memory. Double data rate (DDR) memory is backward-compatible, so a PC2700 memory module can be used in a computer designed for PC2100 memory. However,... Read More »