Is PC133 memory compatible with PC100 memory?

Answer You can use PC133 and PC100 SDRAM at the same time, according to computer memory maker Crucial. However, your computer will have transfer speeds for only the lower-rated one: the 100 megahertz cloc... Read More »

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Is PC100 memory compatible with PC133?

PC100 and PC133 memory modules can generally be used together as long as the system bus speed is 100MHz or lower. The PC133 module will simply run at the lower speed. PC100 modules are not rated to... Read More »

Can you interchange PC100& PC133 memory?

PC100 and PC133 RAM are interchangeable, according to the Simmtester website. You can generally use any type of SDRAM on a motherboard that supports this type of memory, but it will run at maximum ... Read More »

Will PC133 memory work in a PC100 slot?

PC133 SDRAM can be used in a motherboard memory slot designed for PC100 RAM.The motherboard will utilize the PC133 SDRAM as if it were PC100 SDRAM, which means you will not see better performance b... Read More »

Is PC100 memory compatible with DIMM?

PC100 RAM modules are not compatible with DIMM slots, which hold DDR RAM, as they use a different form factor, according to memory maker Crucial. You can interchange most types of SD RAM.References... Read More »