Is Overtime Mandatory in the State of New Jersey?

Answer Generally, an employer in New Jersey can demand that its employees work overtime. Special rules apply, however, in the case of certain jobs in the health care field. In addition, some workers may... Read More »

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New Jersey Labor Laws: Mandatory Breaks?

The Wage and Hour (Wage and Hour) Division of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) focuses specifically on labor laws that govern fair wages and conditions of employme... Read More »

Are there laws in New Jersey about mandatory number or size of dumpsters for condos?

You can review the New Jersey condominium law to discover if this detail is covered there. Most likely, it is not. Each year when the treasurer puts the annual budget together, the process include... Read More »

Ohio State Overtime Laws?

Overtime pay in Ohio is a means of compensating workers for hours spent on the job over the standard accepted work week. This compensation is meant to reward workers and show them that the employer... Read More »

State of Florida Overtime Laws?

There are instances where an employee must work outside her normal schedule. Florida and federal laws require employers to pay additional compensation where work exceeds 40 hours in a week. Employe... Read More »