Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?

Answer Can't I have them both. I mean Orlando Bloom appeals to the side of me that likes pretty guys, while Johnny Depp appeals to the bad boy side of me. I mean, it like that commercial says, sometimes y... Read More »

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Do you perfer Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?

Johnny Depp is superior as an actor, and Orlando Bloom is superior as a hottie.

How to Style Hair Like Orlando Bloom?

Actor Orlando Bloom is something of a chameleon in both his on screen roles and off screen persona. This devoted vegetarian is constantly changing up his look, but he always takes advantage of his ... Read More »

Who is hotter johnny depp or orlando bloom?

Johnny Depp....Orlando isn't even in the same league a Johnny

Why do u think that Jhonny Depp and Orlando bloom are hot?

Jonny Depp has been HOT since 21 Jump Street & yes Orlando is hot too, but Jonny gets my vote everytime. IT's that dark mysterious thing about him that makes u want him more! And the fact that he'... Read More »