Is Openoffice any good ?

Answer Well it is open source which means it is for free,and it is really awesome, and use very very less ram, than MS officeIt is perfect for University :)

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How to Open Openoffice 3.0 Files on a Computer Without Openoffice 3.0?

Oops. You forgot to save your OpenOffice writer file into Microsoft Office format, something all to easy to forget to do. With this guide, you can straighten out your troubles without fear.

How to Open a .PDF in OpenOffice?, the popular free open-source office suite, cannot normally be used to open PDF files, which are proprietary files designed for use with Adobe's Acrobat software. By default, OpenOff... Read More »

How to Save as a JPG in

You can convert open-source presentation and drawing software program files to JPG files when you save them. Once you create the JPG files, you can use them the same as other JPG fil... Read More »

What is OpenOffice 3.0?

Available initially in April of 2002, OpenOffice is a software product made available by Oracle that is considered comparable with the Microsoft Office Suite. The OpenOffice product is open-source,... Read More »