What month has an opal as the birthstone?

Answer Opal stones represent the month of October. The name opal means "to see a change in color." Opals symbolize hope, innocence and purity. They can come in white, black, crystal or fire. Opal stones c... Read More »

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Is the birthstone for October an opal or a pink tourmaline?

Like many other months, October has two birthstones, pink tourmaline and opal. Pink tourmaline "takes on a static electric charge when heated, making it capable of attracting lightweight objects," ... Read More »

Can antique opal rings have an opal veneer on top?

Antique opal rings can have veneer on top. There are many types of opal stones found in antique rings: solid, boulder, doublet, or triplet opals. Non-solid stones often have a veneer of opal attach... Read More »

Uses of Opal?

Opals are an oxide of silica (a compound of oxygen and silica) and one of the five principle jewels considered precious gemstones. These five jewels are the diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire and opa... Read More »

Where does opal come from?

Almost 95 percent of the world's opal is mined in Australia. The remaining 5 percent comes from Mexico, northern Brazil, Idaho and Nevada. More recently, opal has been found in Ethiopia and Mali in... Read More »