Is Online Cursing True It Said I Will Die In 2 Days?

Answer Nope it is definately NOT lol ... But if ur still not sure ... wit 2 days and you shall see that they are all LIES and just ways to spam

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Is Online Cursing True?

Do you believe in such curses. What is the need for anyone to curse you without knowing who your are. That is all trash. Leave it, dont be scared.

Is anything on Wikipedia true these days?

Yes. Much/most of it is true because most people who bother to edit on there wouldn't have bothered to write about it unless they cared and knew. I look up most things on Wikipedia first nowadays... Read More »

Is it true that it takes 21 days to form a habbit?

28 days, actually, to form a good habit. A lifetime of self-control to end a bad one.

Is it true that Bo and Carly will hook back up on DAYS?

The spoilers are pointing to an interesting "reunion" with Carly & Bo. Hope takes Ciara & leaves her husband for the 18th time (this might be a BIT of an exaggeration... but noot by much).Carly fli... Read More »