How to Be a Socialist?

Answer Socialism refers to collective ownership of the means of production, thus a classless and stateless international society and the end of exploitation and oppression. It was used as a synonym for co... Read More »

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The Key Characteristics of a Socialist System?

Socialist systems are economic systems that emphasize public ownership and heavy government influence in economic affairs. As a political system, socialism emphasizes co-operative work for the comm... Read More »

What Are Socialist Values?

Socialists share some common goals with capitalists, but they differ greatly in their ideas about how to reach those goals. Many criticisms of the socialist economic system question the functional ... Read More »

Was thE Irish republican army socialist?

Their push was/is for a united Socialist Ireland. As with most political systems, there are various forms of Socialism, and even dissent within the ranks of the paramilitary terrorists of Northern ... Read More »

Where did Michelle Obama meet Barack Obama?

Michelle Obama was working in the law firm of Sidley Austin in Chicago when she met Barack Obama in 1989. He was an intern at the firm, and she was his adviser. The Obamas married on October 18, 19... Read More »