Is OMG!! McDonalds might soon shut down because of this on facebook true?

Answer short answer:one or more bad things can happen:fraud (you pay money through ads and get nothing in return)malware gets installed on your computerphishing (fake login screen of other sites)phishing ... Read More »

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Is myspace and facebook really going to shut down soon?

I seriously don't believe it one bit. They'd notify us through Facebook / MySpace (through a message or a notification bar thing at the top of the page) saying that they are closing down and to giv... Read More »

Is it true Facebook is being shut down March 15?

Of course it is true. Any website with bat boy in their logo is a trusted, reliable news website. Weekly World News is as reliable as, say, the Onion.

Is it true that Facebook will be shut down forever?

It's not true, it's a rumor that was created by mixing two different news.On the other hand, as Goldman Sachs recently invested $500 millon in the company, it's impossible for Facebook to close any... Read More »

Is it true you should never go to bed with a band-aid on your face because it might fall off and choke you?

If you choked on it you would have woke up in the middle of the night. I don't think a band-aid could go down smoothly. Check the sheets, beside or under the bed, or your pajamas and you will find ... Read More »