Is Norton Antivirus good enough?

Answer None of the software is the best... Some are good, some are even better... Yes i agree Norton Antivirus is good... But kaspersky is better... Avast is not common... Norton slows down ur pc.. As itz... Read More »

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Is norton antivirus any good?

Norton is very resource hungry and its no better at catching viruses than the free Anti-virus software.I use AVG Free and have never had a virus.I also browse with Firefox with the NoScript, Adbloc... Read More »

Is norton a good antivirus?

Norton is a good AntiVirus program, but not the best.First of all it surely slows down your computer and it's requirements are high.2nd reason is that it's not free. I use AVGFree and I haven't eve... Read More »

How to Fix Norton Antivirus?

The computer security program, Norton Antivirus, proactively protects your computer from viruses, spyware, and online phishing attacks. Norton provides real-time protection against computer securit... Read More »

How to Update Norton Antivirus?

Any anti-virus software must be updated regularly as virus definitions increase day by day. Updating Norton anti-virus can be done easily from its interface. Just follow the following very few step... Read More »