Is Nicotine addictive?

Answer Well. eeerrrrrrr yes. Despite what the cigarette companies would tell you ....30 years ago that is.

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Is nicotine as addictive as cocaine?

On One Hand: Yes, Nicotine Is Highly AddictiveNicotine, the drug found in tobacco, is highly addictive. According to the American Cancer Society, nicotine "is as addictive as heroin or cocaine." Sm... Read More »

Nicotine is a major addictive ingredient in what?

(stopping smoking) it okay to use a nicotine inhaler while wearing a nicotine patch?

NO!! You should never use two nicotine suppliers at one time. If you read the directions on the Patch box, it will tell you to never have a ciggie while you have a patch on or chew a piece of nic... Read More »

Which are more addictive?

PRINGLES! Seriously I can't stop eating them after I've opened the lid lol