What is the country of origin for the name Nicole?

Answer The name Nicole comes from Greece, where in the Greek tradition it means "victory of the people." It is the feminine form of the name Nicholas. The name's popularity peaked in the 1970s, but still ... Read More »

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What is the origin of the middle name Nicole?

Nicole is the French feminine version of the name Nicholas, and was popularized in France as a girl's forename. It has a Greek origin, meaning "victorious people." "Nike" means "victory" in Greek, ... Read More »

I am trying to find my sister and her name is Trina Nicole Tracy and her fathers name is terry Wayne Tracy. i have never met her and our father has now pasted away. please help me.?

You should go to the police or authorities, or anybody else who can trace back your roots and stuff.Or, try typing those names into Facebook, or MySpace, or even Google.Ask your other family member... Read More »

Which female name would you prefer....Nicole or Melanie?

Im missing Days right now, darn it! Did Vargas finish with Nicole or did he stop for the Name slip?

OH yes Vargus stopped because Nichole called him ERIC. OMG that was bad. I wish i had a DVR also ... all i got is an old VCR. Im behind times..LOL