How old is Nick Hogan?

Answer Nick Hogan is 21 years old (birthdate: July 27, 1990).

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How much does nick hogan weigh?

No one knows but him but my guess would be around 170 because he is quite muscular and he's only 19

Who was Colonel Hogan's counterpart on Hogan's Heroes tv show?

Kommandant KlinkMajor HockstetterGeneral BurkhalterThe Gestapo

What was Hogan's job before joining the war on Hogan's Heroes?

What was the first name of Hogan of Hogan's Heroes fame?

Answer #1 by GinezumiActor Bob Crane, whose real name was Robert Edward Crane, played Col. Robert E. Hogan in the television series Hogan's Heroes.Answer #2 by Hfutu Robert.