Is NewTek Lightwave ever going 2 make a mobile version of it as an app for mobile devices such as the iPad 2?

Answer an ipad2But for what reason?

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How do i make my youtube videos viewable on mobile devices?

Here is what you do:1) Click your name in the top right hand corner of YouTube2) Click "Videos"3) Select "Edit" under the video you want to be viewed on Mobiles.4) Go down to "Syndication"5) Select... Read More »

How to Make a Mobile-to-Mobile AT&T Cingular Call?

The mobile-to-mobile feature offered by AT&T allows its customers not only to make calls to other AT&T customers at no charge, but also to receive calls. Many users find this feature very handy in ... Read More »

Mobile devices that might replace the smartphone?

No one knows if your actually looking for it please don't ask on yahoo answers

Explain in brief the mobile information access devices?

A Tablet Computer that lacks a keyboard (also known as a non-convertible tablet) is shaped like slate or a paper notebook, features a touchscreen with a stylus and handwriting recognition software.... Read More »