Is New York's state symbol the New York flag?

Answer The New York State flag is just one of many official state symbols; the flag itself consists of images of the official state coat of arms and other representations of the concept of liberty. Other ... Read More »

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In the show you love New York what is New Yorks last name?

In the show i love New York What is New Yorks Real name?

How wide is the New York state flag?

According to, the most popular size for the New York state flag is 3 feet high by 5 feet wide. The official flag was adopted in 1901 and features the figures of Liberty and Justice on... Read More »

Facts About New York State Flag?

As one of the original 13 states, New York can trace the history of its flag back to the Revolutionary War, although the flag has undergone a number of changes since then. The original flag hangs i... Read More »