State of New Hampshire Tax Laws?

Answer A tax is an amount of money that the government adds on to economic transactions (for example, purchasing clothing or buying a house). The states are in charge of certain taxes while the federal go... Read More »

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What is New Hampshire's state food?

The state food (fruit actually) of New Hampshire is the pumpkin. If you consider that the state nickname is the Granite State and that this hardy member of the squash family thrives in poor soil, t... Read More »

New Hampshire State Colleges?

New Hampshire, the Granite State, established a state-wide public college system in 1963. The state university and college network today awards 53 percent of the state's bachelor's degrees and appr... Read More »

How to File an Injunction in the State of New Hampshire?

Injunctions are court orders that prohibit someone from engaging in a behavior. The most common injunction is a restraining order or an order or protection in domestic violence cases. You will need... Read More »

Which state has more land area, Iowa or New Hampshire?

Iowa has more land area than New Hampshire. Iowa's total area is 56,275 square miles, 55,965 of which is land. The state is 25th in overall size. New Hampshire is 9,279 square miles, 8,993 of which... Read More »